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Chocolates that are not like any other, which differ in their designation mode, the 26 letters of the alphabet and six punctuation signs, as well as the specificity of ganaches. A need to imagine, to create. Creation to escape the established order? Finally the same ideal of childhood, evade standard to speak without restriction or reservation.

The creation can not suffer any limitation. Undaunted, it cannot submit itself to pressure from the dogmas, prejudices, taboos and modes. My research is always guided by a deep desire to awaken the taste buds to new flavors, to guide the palate to new taste territories. Conquering, identifying inhibitions and convincing, abolishing the borders, making people discover unusual combinations without ever attacking the palate, but by offering tastes of a rare authenticity.

It was under the inspiration of Provence, Provence region more generally, Alpes, Côte d'Azur, and its culinary heritage that I have developed a unique savoir-faire: the combination of prodigious raw material, chocolate, in a region known worldwide for its quality of life, its perfumes, its colors, its lifestyle and its flavors.

Savoir-faire extended to other materials. All products manufactured within my laboratory are the result of ongoing research around the few associations, original and fundamentally authentic.

When chocolate meets thyme :

According to seasons, thyme is flowered, more tender, more dryness. That will play with mischievousness on savours of chocolate candy. It's the enchantment that work gets with the fresh plants. For thyme, it is the black chocolate which has the preference of Joel, gross, very little sugar.

Small infusion
And delicate mixture
A mountain of savours...waiting to be spread out and cut out in small squares.