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The alphabet of flavor

Composition of our chocolates :

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M - Mint

White chocolate and fresh mint

S -Licorice

White chocolate and liquorice

N - Praline flavoure

Black chocolate and home-made praline with hazelnuts from Piémont

T - Tiramisu

White chocolate, mascarpone cream, marsala (Italian liqueur with almonds and egg yolk), egg yolk, sugar and UHT fresh cream. 

O - Orange

Black chocolate and fresh orange

U - Sichuan Pepper

Black chocolate and Szechwan pepper from China

P - Provence

Praline with almonds from Provence and black olives from "Vallée des Baux"

V - Violet

Black chocolate and violet flavor


Q - Chestnut

Milk chocolate 40% and chestnut liquor from "Ardèche"

W - Thyme

Black chocolate and fresh thyme from Alpilles

R - Rosemary
Black chocolate and fresh rosemary from Provence

X - Cardamom

Black chocolate and green cardamom from India